To Voice or Not to Voice?

Your quest begins. Perhaps your goal is to create intuitive corporate training videos or memorable commercials for dear clients. Maybe you aim to thrill the world with an outstanding video game or animated series. Whatever your project, you’ll need a voiceover talent to make it sparkle. I can solve that problem. Let me join the party, and together we’ll make your story epic!

From this Voiceover Talent to you, Welcome!

You’ve found a creative partner who will accurately address your every need and direction. I’m Jordan Drayer, a voice actor specializing in characters for animation and video games, corporate narration and commercials. Yes, this savvy millennial solves your problems with a wide range of services, voices, accents, and reasonable rates.

On top of that, I guarantee quick turnaround (less than 24 hours when possible) and a charming demeanor 😉 Using skills from years of classical music study (French horn no less), I’ll breathe life into your script. This also makes me easy to direct!

Vocal Qualities

When you’re looking for a voiceover talent, it would help to know the vocal qualities. I stand out with a naturally low, articulate voice despite my youth. Descriptions of my voice include warm, low, sarcastic, intelligent, sassy, young/millennial, friendly, interesting, and articulated. My personality reflects this, being mostly calm, witty, empathic, and observant.

Fit For Your Needs

My voiceover talent forte lies in character acting for anime and video games. I am quite well-rounded though, trained in many styles. This includes narration, such as for audiobooks, corporate narration, industrial narration, technology explainer videos, e-learning, medical narration, and automotive. I can also help you with commercials for radio, television, and Internet. You can learn more about my Voice Over Services here.

With a voiceover artist in tow, your adventure preparations are complete. Are you ready to set out?


How I Can Help You

On your journey for a compelling story, you find yourself in need of voiceover services. Are you possibly looking for a young female voice talent? And if so, is the story you wish to tell somewhere in the area of:

    • Animation
    • Dubbing (anime, foreign film)
    • Video Games 
    • Corporate Narration (training, trade show, etc.),
    • Industrial Narration
    • Medical Narration
    • Explainer Videos (technology products, etc.)
    • eLearning, Learning Management Systems, tutorials
    • Audiobooks
    • Commercials for radio, television, Internet

Then you found your solution 🙂

Listen to my Voice Over Demos for more ideas.

The Details

I offer voiceover services with quick turnaround and attention to details. If you email or call, I will respond within 24 hours. You will get the file formats you requested, everything before the deadline above all else.

Perhaps you need files cut a certain way for a long project. I will gladly accommodate that as well. Also of note, I speak English and French. Should you need transcription or translation in addition to voiceover, then I’m here for you.

Fair Rates

And with all of that in mind, how about industry-standard, reasonable rates? To elaborate, this of course includes editing, retakes, and revisions. If that satisfies your needs, then you have found a worthy partner indeed.

Delivery On Your Terms

As for the delivery of files and performance, you have many easy options to choose from for your project. I can record and send voiceover from my home studio, or you could designate a preferred studio. So you know, I live and work in Los Angeles, close to many studios. Therefore from such a place we could do live direction.

However we can do the same with my home studio, through ipDTL, Skype, or FaceTime. Seriously let’s do whatever works for you and I will follow without hesitation.  

It’s your story, you choose the setting.I want to hear all about it. Let’s get in contact!

Demos and Style

Voiceover Demos and Style – Characters, Narration, Commercial

My forte lies in acting, creating characters for animation, anime and video games. I enjoy narration and commercials as well. I’ve been told my natural voice is intelligent, articulate, flat (not announcer-y) and conversational. It’s lower than most young women’s voices. This adds a sense of authority. You can find all of my voiceover demos in one easy place. Please read on for more details of each style.



With a large range, my voice is suited for many archetypes in animation, anime, and video games. Female soldiers, teenagers, pre-teens, creepy witches, and young moms are just a few. The breadth of vocal qualities includes articulate, nasal, stuffed up, vocal fry, rasp, breathy, gravelly, and sultry. I have experience dubbing, which is a ton of fun. I do a variety of accents. It’s quite easy to learn new ones too. You can find more in the Backstory. You can also go here to learn more about my Voice Over Services.


I possess the calm, authoritative pace required in corporate narration and tech videos. If you want to engage younger listeners or employees, all the better! Casual yet in charge is my favorite style. I can keep their attention and educate. I can enhance your story, be it:

    • Audiobook
    • Training Videos
    • Industrial Narration
    • Technology/Product Explainer Videos
    • e-Learning
    • Corporate Narration
    • Medical Narration


Commercials abound in our society. To truly stand out, the story must be epic. You’re selling something that helps others and brings joy! I would be honored to join you. When you need an articulate voiceover, young and intelligent, I will make your story memorable. I can best help with:

    • Technology (mobile phones, VR, wearables…)
    • Health Care
    • Healthy living (yoga, health foods, exercise…)
    • Tourism (luxury vacations, family fun…)
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Automotive
    • Food and drink (grocery stores, restaurants, brands)


Setting the Scene    

Becoming a voiceover actor: It all began one day in October 1990…well, we can skip a bit.

After graduating from Florida State in 2013, I was at a loss as to what to do! I went through school believing I’d play French horn in the London Symphony Orchestra one day. Though I finished my music degree, I decided it wasn’t for me.

After a summer of seriously considering military service and existential crisis, I decided why not voiceover? It always intrigued me, plus acting in general, since middle school, watching anime, watching behind the scenes extras to movies like The Lord of the Rings. So why not?

So I Went For It

I started to learn different voiceover styles and genres from various teachers. Suddenly I discovered a world of helpful, warm people, incredible voice talents, and fun times. My sister and I as kids kept up a nightly story, involving characters from favorite series, and I realized this was “doing the story,” as we called it, in real life and for money! And I’m now in Los Angeles, veritable capital of animation, a dream come true, ready for even more voice acting work than Dallas and Orlando, my previous homes, provided.

How it Comes Together

You see, I use not only acting training but years of classical music education to achieve nuanced performance. To be a French horn player, you have to know nuances! After years of band and orchestra, you’ll also find me easy to direct; now you’re the conductor of this voiceover actor!

Music trained my ear to learn and act in accents easily. The list broadly includes several English accents such as Yorkshire and Cockney, Scottish, Irish, Australian, Russian, French, Japanese, Punjab, and American ones. I also speak French and Japanese and continue to study languages in general as a hobby (working on Spanish now).

More Personal Details

Let’s start with my love of travel. My list of visits includes many countries, given my short life, such as Tanzania, Japan, the Bahamas, places in western Europe, the UK, and Canada. I also lived in various places of the US. I was born in Houston, a kid in Las Vegas, and since then Orlando, Dallas, and now Los Angeles! 

I’m a huge nerd, so in my spare time, you can find me playing RPGs or puzzle games, reading fantasy books, watching anime or movies, or playing with my cat Huck. I do yoga and walking and drink a lot of tea too, so there’s a healthy tree-hugger side too.

Have a listen to my Voice Over Demos here, or take a look at my Voice Over Services to help you in your quest, or how about we get in contact


Let’s Journey Together!

Have I convinced you? Will you bring on a new party-member for your epic quest? Or perhaps you need more information and face-to-face conversation before you decide? Either way, I’d love to get to know you too! Contact me for a quote on rates or a free audition, or even just to say hello. Conveniently we have so many ways to contact a person these days and to learn more about them. 

    • Follow @puzies on Twitter (yeah, it’s a funny name, goes back to when my sister and I made up our own Pokemon in 1997.)
    • There’s also Instagram, my newest social media love. You’ll see lots of nature and cat pictures from me.
    • Let’s connect on LinkedIn. I might be slower to respond here, but I do read it and update it! 
    • You can definitely reach me through trusty, old email (! This is truly the best way to get a quick response, even if it’s the least glamorous.
    • Finally, you can also reach me at 1-407-754-8944. You may text, but I really would prefer a call, since I’m kind of old-fashioned despite my 28 years of age.
    • If you prefer to go through an agent: Shortlist Model + Talent Agency – Lana Burstein at 415-484-9935 

What else?

Want to learn more about my voice and services? To get a truly excellent representation of how I can help you and to formulate ideas, you can listen to my Voice Over Demos. 

And if you want to know all about the services I offer, from types of voiceover to how I can record for you, check out my Voice Over Services.

I’d love to be a tool in your quest inventory, available for you to pull out at a moment’s notice! Let’s make your story epic, something clients will cherish. Meet you for coffee (in person or virtual) next week? Well, for me it’ll probably be tea, but you get the idea!