Demos and Style

Voiceover Demos and Style – Characters, Narration, Commercial

My forte lies in acting, creating characters for animation, anime and video games. I enjoy narration and commercials as well. I’ve been told my natural voice is intelligent, articulate, flat (not announcer-y) and conversational. It’s lower than most young women’s voices. This adds a sense of authority. You can find all of my voiceover demos in one easy place. Please read on for more details of each style.



With a large range, my voice is suited for many archetypes in animation, anime, and video games. Female soldiers, teenagers, pre-teens, creepy witches, and young moms are just a few. The breadth of vocal qualities includes articulate, nasal, stuffed up, vocal fry, rasp, breathy, gravelly, and sultry. I have experience dubbing, which is a ton of fun. I do a variety of accents. It’s quite easy to learn new ones too. You can find more in the Backstory. You can also go here to learn more about my Voice Over Services.


I possess the calm, authoritative pace required in corporate narration and tech videos. If you want to engage younger listeners or employees, all the better! Casual yet in charge is my favorite style. I can keep their attention and educate. I can enhance your story, be it:

    • Audiobook
    • Training Videos
    • Industrial Narration
    • Technology/Product Explainer Videos
    • e-Learning
    • Corporate Narration
    • Medical Narration


Commercials abound in our society. To truly stand out, the story must be epic. You’re selling something that helps others and brings joy! I would be honored to join you. When you need an articulate voiceover, young and intelligent, I will make your story memorable. I can best help with:

    • Technology (mobile phones, VR, wearables…)
    • Health Care
    • Healthy living (yoga, health foods, exercise…)
    • Tourism (luxury vacations, family fun…)
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Automotive
    • Food and drink (grocery stores, restaurants, brands)